In-universe lore

The Philosophical Implications of the Creation of a Purely Digital Universe

By Tokugawa Iesuwa

Written originally for The Weekly Philosopher

The Daily Jesus

By Jeremiah Rove

The religious right responds to the moral threat posed by Dr Sepulveda and Darwin Research Associates. Not to be read by the easily offended.

On the e-Sofa: Dr Sepulveda

by P. Perkins

In his first interview for almost 20 years, the once infamous Dr Sepulveda talks exclusively to T-Magazine.

e-Sofa interview with Dr Sepulveda

by P. Perkins

Dr Sepulveda was questioned in depth by email interview with Miss Perkins from T-magazine in preparation for the e-sofa article. Much to Dr Sepulveda's annoyance very little of the interview was quoted directly, but it has been reprinted here in it's original form. Thanks to T-Magazine for their kind permission.

Darwinia and the Evolution of Post Nuclear Military Thought

by Lt. Colonel Clive Furnvitz

Excerpt from The Monthly Military Standard

Hemp Daily

By Charmonger

The popular student news column cuts through all the nonsense and tells it like it is.